Tuesday, July 14, 2009

So, why did I move my blog?

Aesthetically, I liked my old blog. The design was clean, it was 100% under my control, but that last part also turned out to be a problem. When spammers discovered blog.netherlabs.nl, they filled it with junk. Junk which was sometimes filtered out, sometimes not, but in any case clogged my poor server. We are talking gigabytes of spam here, literally.

So eventually I caved. If Linus Torvalds can host his blog on blogger.com, it must surely be good enough for me.

The old blog postings are still available here: http://blog.netherlabs.nl/index.html
Be sure to add the '/index.html', because shortly, blog.netherlabs.nl without it will forward you to this site.

So, welcome back dear readers, and I hope to entertain you with things I can't bring myself to shut up about.

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