Sunday, August 2, 2009

PowerDNS Recursor released!

I'm pretty proud of this release, or to state it better, proud of not having a real reason to do a release for over a year.

Over the past year, the PowerDNS Recursor has gone places I never thought it would go, powering the majority of internet subscribers in some large countries.

It is very rare for a project that services so many people, to exhibit so very little problems. I'm probably just lucky in this respect, but it still feels good.

However, since the world moved on over the past year, version 3.1.7 became somewhat hard to compile on modern Linux and UNIX distributions. In addition, Solaris 10 changed its ABI slightly, causing Recursor to crash quickly under heavy load.

So after a week of testing, has been released today, with no new features, only bug fixes.

For more details, please see the announcement.

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