Saturday, July 23, 2011

A prior art post: wifi OR bluetooth for powersaving

While singing my lovely son to sleep just now, an idea popped up in my head which I'm hoping is not yet patented. If it isn't, this post should kill any chances of that ever happening. Here goes.

Bluetooth and Wifi on smartphones both draw power, even when there is no actual Wifi or Bluetooth connection active - the mere act of listening for a potential pairing costs energy.

However, when I'm on my home Wifi, I am never on Bluetooth. When I'm connected to Bluetooth, I'm never eager for a wireless connection.

Thus, wouldn't it be nice if there was a piece of software that shutdown the Bluetooth listener if connected to Wifi? And if that Wifi goes out of range, turn off the Bluetooth again. If that leads to a connection, shut down the Wifi listener.

I'm pretty sure that for many use cases (people with wifi at home and at the office, and bluetooth handsfree in the car), this would save like.. joules per day! ;-)

This post was of course inspired by my phone shutting down while I was reading the web while singing my son to sleep.

So - feel free to make this appear on the Android market or the appstore. And who knows, it might be there already.


  1. Tasker (Android market link) almost certainly can do that - but as Tasker is pretty close to being an actual programming environment, it certainly is useful to document specific use cases like this!

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